Katy Perry wearing braces and headgear

October 26, 2015

Will I Need to Wear Headgear?

No appliance garners as much negative attention as headgear. Originally developed in the 1800s, the purpose of headgear is to help guide growth of the face and jaws, balance the profile, and create a healthy bite. It is most effective when worn between the ages of 10-14 because this is when most growth occurs.

While the majority of orthodontists still recommend the use of headgear today, Dr. Peralta often has the pleasure of reassuring his patients that they will never be asked to wear headgear. He believes the headgear appliance is too cumbersome and most patients will not wear it. So, he recommends other modalities to create the same final result. These include inter-arch elastics, inter-arch springs, and the Forsus appliance.

Rest assured that while orthodontic treatment is not always easy, Dr. Peralta is always looking for the best and most comfortable ways to accomplish ideal results. If you are wondering if you or a family member is in  need of orthodontic treatment, or if it has been recommended to you, call our Burien or West Seattle offices today to schedule a free consultation!