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April 25, 2016

Permanent Retainers: The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful

The Good… Research has demonstrated that teeth are more than likely to move after orthodontic treatment if retainers are not used to maintain tooth position and worn as directed.  In fact, even without ever having had orthodontic treatment, many people will experience shifting of their teeth over their lifetime.  While the use of removable retainers

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girl lacrosse player wearing mouthguard

April 12, 2016

Playing Sports with Braces? Wear a Mouthguard!

Now that spring is here, many of our patients are preparing to play spring sports like baseball, softball, and lacrosse. This is a great time for us to remind those of you wearing braces that it’s very important to wear protective mouthguards when you’re playing contact sports or whenever you’re taking part in any activity

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