girl at dentist with braces

February 2, 2016

Teen Orthodontics & Wisdom Teeth: What’s the Deal?

While one of our recent blog posts discussed Dr. Peralta’s philosophy on adult wisdom teeth extractions, his opinion differs when it comes to adolescents.


For adolescent and teen patients,  braces are usually removed long before it is time to consider the wisdom teeth. However, by the time the final retainer check appointment approaches, our Burien and West Seattle orthodontist Dr. Jorge Peralta will likely recommend wisdom teeth removal.  The primary reason why he recommends this for all adolescents, and not necessarily adults, is because far more often than not, wisdom teeth can present the following issues:


  • They can be painful when erupting
  • They can be difficult to clean
  • They are prone to extensive tooth decay that can transfer to nearby teeth
  • Soft tissue infection can occur
  • Cysts (fluid-filled sacs) may surround them and cause issues
  • Gum disease can occur

In an effort to prevent these potentially costly and inconvenient side effects of wisdom teeth, Dr. Peralta recommends extracting them prophylactically.  Particularly for teens, the benefits of visiting the oral surgeon early include healing more quickly, preventing health issues and potential emergency dental appointments, and removing them before they have the opportunity to impact the fit of retainers.


For adolescent patients, Dr. Peralta typically recommends that they visit the oral surgeon between the ages of 15-20. The exact timeframe depends on the development of the wisdom teeth and if their position can potentially impact the final orthodontic result and health of surrounding teeth.


If you have questions about orthodontics and wisdom teeth removal or would like to schedule an appointment at our Burien or West Seattle orthodontic offices, give us a call or fill out our appointment request form online now.