August 22, 2018

How Effective Are Mail-Order At-Home Aligners?

Many patients, mostly adult, who are looking for a quick and easy way to realign a slightly crooked smile tend to consider the newly popular mail-order, at-home clear aligners, but not without some good questions. These systems are frequently touted as a way to save money while still gaining the benefits of premium orthodontic care from a qualified professional, but they do come with concerns and challenges that we’d like to point out.


Issues With Mail-Order Aligners


Mail-order solutions tend to come with some common issues. Many have you book in a 3D scan at a local office in order to get the model of your teeth necessary for the creation of the aligner trays. Other companies ask you to make an impression at home and send it in. Both of these scenarios have one common issue. You never work with the professional who builds your orthodontics, so they never get to actually see or examine your teeth, mouth, and face, and you don’t have the opportunity to provide feedback and get face-to-face answers to questions.


Why Face-to-Face Time with an Orthodontist Matters


Aligners are a less invasive way to make minor adjustments to your smile when you don’t want or need to commit to a full course of metal or clear braces. They’re designed to be lower maintenance than traditional braces, and that’s why so many patients want to look at mail-order solutions. The fact is, though, that aligners still make major changes to your body, and regular monitoring by a professional will ensure that your orthodontic treatment is looked after and cared for. It will also keep the timing of your aligner tray adjustments and changes more on pace and custom to your needs than a program that makes automatic updates based on a treatment calendar alone.


Make an Appointment for Aligners


If you’re ready to talk to an orthodontist in West Seattle about realigning your smile, contact us today. Dr. Peralta offers Invisalign to our adult and teen patients, so if clear aligners are in your sights, our team can set you up with an free consultation appointment. Schedule one online or call 206-244-7800 today!