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March 7, 2019

5 Questions to Ask an Orthodontist During a Consultation Visit

A healthy smile isn’t just a functional need; It’s also critical for proper speech as well as maintaining your confidence. Choosing the right orthodontist is of the utmost importance, as you’ll be building a multi-year professional and interpersonal relationship with him or her. Many orthodontists, like our own Burien and West Seattle orthodontist Dr. Jorge Peralta, offer free consultation visits so that you can meet with the Doctor, ask some questions, and feel out the office. Consider asking these five key questions during your initial orthodontic consultation.


1. What are your qualifications and experience?


You want to trust your care to an experienced professional. Find out how many years of practical experience the orthodontist possesses. Also, pick a professional who’s a member of the American Association of Orthodontists. Members are required to complete an accredited orthodontic residency program.


2. What are my treatment options?


It’s important to understand all your available therapeutic options before you move forward with treatment. Depending on your condition, you may be able to wear alternatives like clear braces or Invisalign. Your orthodontist should take the time to explain all your options and help you choose the best solution.


3. How long should I expect these treatments to take?


Most tooth alignment issues take anywhere between a few months and two years to correct. Ask your orthodontist to give you an estimated treatment timeline. You’ll also need to know how often you should return for adjustments to your braces or aligner trays.


4. How much will my treatments cost?


Orthodontic care can be a significant investment. Knowing what your insurance covers is helpful but be sure to get an accurate price quote and explore payment plan options if needed.


5. What are your office hours?


For any therapeutic plan to be feasible, you should select a professional who’s available when you are. Same-day, lunch and evening appointments are helpful ways that an orthodontist can accommodate your schedule.


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